Thoughts for a New Year

Did you make a resolution for the new year? Are you sticking to it?

Here’s a question that’s always puzzled me: Why wait for January? Every day is the start of a new year!

None of us is guaranteed another year on this planet. Or even another day. I make resolutions all year long. I call them goals. If you want to accomplish something, plan it into your life. Now! Make it a concrete goal, today, with tiny baby-steps that will get you closer and closer.

Take writing, for example. Writing a book – doesn’t that sound atrocious?! A whole book?! Never! But…do you think you could write one paragraph? Okay, then, do you think you could write one page? No? Then just write one paragraph a day. That’ll get you there, too. Eventually, those paragraphs will become a book.

If you can write one paragraph, you can write two. As my son said before my jogging with our dog became real running, “If you can run a mile, Mom, you can run a mile and a half.”

Four marathons later, I can state without any doubt that he’s absolutely right. Baby steps will get you wherever you want to go. As the French say,

Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

Little by little, one twig at a time, the bird makes its nest. Don’t set out to conquer the whole world – just your little corner of it.

I hope your new year – whenever you started it (or plan to) – gets you where you want to go!

Did you recognize my Christmas cactus at the top?

And here’s a little winter beauty to inspire your winter goals. This is Multnomah Falls, in Oregon.

(Photo credit: Stasia Honnold.)

7 thoughts on “Thoughts for a New Year

  1. Well said young lady. And I couldn’t agree more, if you can’t say a whole just say one syllable.
    I believe it was in Finding Dory where they said “just keep swimming…” but that movie is about a fish.
    As always its a pleasure reading your scribblings, your not just articulate, you’ve got a splash of poet in you too. keep writing please.

  2. Awesome to see you back blogging D! I could not agree more, every day is a fresh opportunity to start anew. Those who wait for Jan 1 are only kidding themselves. Carpe diem!
    I look forward to reading your new blogs and gaining insight into your perspective on life.


  3. You are exactly right and your blog post was a good reminder of the importance to set and work towards our goals. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I remember when I climbed my first big mountain (Rainer) and when I arrived to the base of the climb I was intimidated and immediately began doubting myself. I decided at that moment to just take it one step at a time…and those steps got me to the summit! When goals seem too big, taking it one small step at a time will often get us there.

    • Yep — I had the same experience going up Mt. Whitney. Didn’t think I’d get there. (Highest point in the lower 48 Staes.) But just one…more…step… eventually got me there. Works every time! 🙂

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