It’s here! Today! October 1, 2019! The 2nd edition of my French textbook was just published by Cognella Publishers in San Diego!

Allez! Foundations in Beginning French:

A labor of love, this is a book I used in my French classes at American River College for many years, in many forms. Everything in it has been tested and has proven to be immensely effective. My students were regularly surprised at how much French they could use by the end of each semester — always a nice surprise, especially for the teacher!

The first edition, published in 2016, was called

Je Parle Français…un peu:

So much work goes into writing a textbook! Usually there are several authors on a textbook, but I wrote this one alone, since it represents a totally different and very effective approach to teaching languages.

This year, 2019, saw the birth of 2 of my books —

The Sharp End of Life, published May 2019 by Mountaineers Books,

And Allez!

The end of so much work, for so many years!…

Time to get to work on the next book. . . . and the next. . .