CoVid 19 Re-Makes our Lives (Part 2)

Five doctors in Italy have died from CoVid 19, the Corona virus. Five doctors. The people we need the most, right now.

Tonight I played the piano. Really played. Attentive to every nuance, every note, each phrase, the placement of my fingers, the feel of each key. The way I used to. Today, I needed it. To block out virus, and politics, danger and desperation. Everything. At the last note of each piece — mostly Chopin and Mendelssohn this evening — I waited, remembering.

When you, Stasia and Alex, would go to bed, usually on a school night — can it really be that many years ago? — I would play the piano. The only time of day that was mine. The only time of any day when I could do something that just spoke to me, only to me, in the language I so needed to hear.

And at the end of each piece, as the last note or chord lingered, reminding us of what had just transpired, if the music had also spoken to you, Stasia, out of the darkened hallway I would hear a tiny, timid voice:


Our favorite word, sculpted from the sudden silence. Your favorite, because I always gave you what you wanted, “encore.” More. And mine, because music is a story that I gave to you both, my story, from my soul to yours, and your one perfect word said all that I needed to hear.

I hope that, after this tenuous, tumultuous time of pandemic and uncertainty, life always gives you ‘encore.’

10 thoughts on “CoVid 19 Re-Makes our Lives (Part 2)

  1. Maman! Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory. I had no idea that this was missing and I now know just the thing to do when the going is rough for stasia. All my love!

  2. Beautiful, Dierdre.
    “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” ― Victor Hugo

  3. Chopin always reminds me of when I lived with you. You introduced to me to him. I haven’t found the urge to sit down and play through this. Using the time to clean the attic – I can’t believe the things I saved…

    • It does pile up, doesn’t it?? Good luck w/that. It’ll feel so good when you’re done!

  4. Dierdre, love your memories and your words. In this time of turmoil we all need to reach out to positive things that keep us in balance. For me it’s simply doing something physical along with talking about and thinking about all the great memories I have been fortunate enough to experience. Thanks Again

  5. This is sweet and touching Dierdre — stitching together past and future or maybe I should say harmonizing past and future. Might I say: Encore!

  6. I’ve read all your blogs, your Trip Reports, your published magazine pieces in the last 13 or so years, and of course The Sharp End of Life. I’ve been enriched, entertained, enlightened, en-spired and a host of other experiences by each of them.
    But none have been as touching as this one.

    I’m reminded of similar experiences I had with my children at those same ages.

    Deepest thanks

    • You’re so welcome. And thanks for taking the time to respond. These are weird times, and we do what we can to mitigate, to enrich. To survive. Feel free to tell all your friends about this blog. Maybe some of them can use some enriching right now, too.

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