Spain (3)

Spain…seems like years ago! Only a few months, but in those months I spent 5 weeks in France, and put about 2,000 more miles on my car visiting family in Cal & Nevada. The American west is just TOO big!! 

While traveling to all my speaking gigs all over Spain, I also got to climb some outstanding, beautiful rocks…

to visit some vestiges of the Roman empire…

to explore some castles…

to wander through many historic cities (not American-type historic; we go back a few hundred years, here; these go back thousands!). 

In between working as a speaker or a climber…

I fit in lots of fun discovering some of the wonderful foods — tapas! tortillas! (not the American type, these are more like a Spanish version of a quiche).

I was delightfully surprised to discover Spanish vermouth everywhere, and some mighty fine wines. 

My experience of Spain was so different from my last one almost 50 years ago!…and I look forward to my next trip for even more wonderful surprises. 

2 thoughts on “Spain (3)

  1. I find it remarkable how similar our experiences with Spain were. Fifty years ago I visited Madrid and Barcelona, and was not terribly impressed, especially with Madrid. In 2019 I went back and fell in love with both cities!

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