Spain & NYC (1)

Back to Europe!

The last time I was in Spain, I was in my 20s (almost 50 years ago!). There was no World Wide Web, no one had personal computers, cell phones hadn’t been invented yet…. Only spies or very important people had passwords. And to plan a trip like mine, you had to go to a travel agency.

This time, I did it all myself, with lots of help from friends and technology. 

I was invited to speak in Madrid and various regions around Spain, and my friend who lives near Madrid offered to take me climbing. The perfect trip — I got to talk to enthusiastic audiences all around the country (sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English), sign lots of books, and experience lots of different climbing areas. (Rocks are different everywhere you go.)

But first, I got to spend a few days re-charging my batteries in the city that never sleeps. Walking around NYC is fascinating! When I was in school, I really loved being able to see so many different jobs happening all around me as I walked down the street! (How can a kid decide what to be in life without ever having seen what people do at their different jobs?) People everywhere, doing so any different kinds of jobs behind plate glass windows, on the sidewalk, at counters, behind wooden construction fences, in cellars beneath the sidewalk whose big metal doors become part of the sidewalk when they’re closed. 

Manhattan is so full of life! That’s what I always loved about living there. Just walking down the street, or taking the subway, offers glimpses of an infinite number of kinds of people, foods, cultures, languages, music, jobs — of life! 

Of course, Manhattan is only a tiny part of NYC, the smallest of the 5 boroughs — but on this trip, I didn’t have enough time to get out into the other boroughs. I started life, so many years ago, in Manhattan, just down 43rd Street from Times Square. My brother went to this school for a couple years… 

…but by the time I was almost 6 and big enough for school (no pre-school or kindergarten for most of us, back then), we had moved to Queens. 

While I was a student, sometimes I worked summer jobs in the city (Manhattan), and on my lunch hour I’d go into Central Park with my lunch, walk miles, or occasionally sit and listen to some of the ubiquitous impromptu music. That’s where I came to love the sound of the Caribbean steel drums…which I got to enjoy this trip in the subway (I love the unexpected subway concerts!):

Some subway shenanigans — steel drums, & some unexpected break-dancing. Riding the subway is an adventure; you never know what to expect! )

So, just a few memories of my 3 days in NYC, before we move on to exploring Spain together….

My favorite boat ride of all time – the Staten Island Ferry, which takes you past Lady Liberty, Ellis Island…

…and out into one of the busiest ports in the world, with unequaled views of Lower Manhattan:

NY’s main P.O. is a gorgeous classical gem.
Fraunce’s Tavern, where George Washington & his colleagues used to hang out and hoist a few. So much history in NY, going back 500 years in some places! Next, on to Spain. . . . .